Weekend Reading 10.3.21

Hello October! It’s been so beautiful the past few weeks, I’m soaking up the autumn flavors and sights all around me. We’ve been lucky to not have any wildfires locally so the air is clear and crisp. So far we’re catching a break this season.

Today I’m finishing up the wallpaper in a bathroom renovation then I’m attending an Oktoberfest celebration at a local beergarden with some lovely friends. Prost!

Favorite links from the week:

What a perfect shade of blue in this sunny cocktail room.

A garden shed becomes a teen hangout.

Fab DIY: mirrored wall using IKEA stick on mirrors.

 This interior planter built into hardwood flooring. 🙂

This unexpected use for wine corks.

Very cute for your fall table: mini plaster pumpkins & tealight holders.

How to carve your pet’s face on a pumpkin for Halloween.

Remodeling expenses by region: actual cost versus resale value.

Always impressed when celebrities recycle their gowns.

Twelve places in the world where it is never cold.

What if we all measured success by these standards?

A beautiful reflection on the month of October.

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