Weekend Reading 10.24.21

Weekend greetings! I’m sitting in my little studio listening to the rain on the street, it’s been storming for a few days and of course we need the water but I find the sound is so comforting too.

Fall activities are filling our calendar, we had two homecoming dances this past week, there’s an upcoming Halloween soiree, and I volunteered to host Thanksgiving. We traveled last year so I’m looking forward to staying home and cooking in my own kitchen. I can’t believe November is next week. Here we go right into the holiday season!

Favorite links from the week:

The best trees to grow in pots on your patio.

What a gorgeous shade of jade green in the den in this family home.

Wow what a view! Also love the hood in this kitchen.

From dated to mid mod: this impressive kitchen remodel.

Ideas for filling empty corners of your home.

So cute: the new Lego Home Alone house.

The trick for keeping lemons fresh in the fridge for months.

These tested 700 songs are the ones that give people chills.

I’m already missing Italy reading this travel guide to all the regions.