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I spent many hours this week sourcing tile for my two bathrooms in progress on the flip project. I’ve got the contractors on the job and they need the tile now so I was fetching it for them all around the Bay Area. They will be done in two weeks,

Oh man it was a rough week. A friend of mine passed away, a young mom that I liked so much. She was healthy and happy and her death was sudden. Add that to the sad news around the world and the ongoing pandemic. 🙁 The good news is my

Happy holiday weekend! I’m headed to San Francisco for the weekend, the weather is always so good in September. I’ll be having dinner downtown to celebrate our wedding anniversary and taking a long hike through the Presidio tomorrow. Things are progressing fast on our flip project. The kitchen cabinets are

Happy late fall weekend! This week I had extra energy and was feeling really creative so I made homemade ravioli from scratch, created new artwork, and gathered everything I’ll need for my Thanksgiving table. I have a thoughtful DIY gift idea to share later this week. I’m also working on

Did you mean popcorn ceiling removal Often, people refer to the popcorn ceiling as a stucco ceiling. But. these are two different things. Stucco is  a sand-based mixture mixed with lime sand and water. Where popcorn. is much different in that it is made  of vermiculite or polystyrene mixed in