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White Canvas

The temperature is high, sandals are out of the closet, and you scream for ice (ice-scream). Summer is officially here!!! Summer is a “difficult” period for my photoshoots for two reasons. First is the heat, I do not know if you have experienced 38-45 degrees and humidity combo in Cyprus but is something that I could not handle for my 31 years living here. The second one is less clothes less layering. Therefore, for this photoshoot I kept my look clean. White outfit like a white canvas and I “paint” it with accessories to add the stylish touches to make it unique. When wearing a monochrome outfit is good to combine different textures and materials.


The main motivation for the total white look was my longline vest t-shirt by a favorite brand in Cyprus. If you have been checking my stories the last two months, you must have seen an amazing fashion show by the ROTS brand. Fetish clothes, sexual atmosphere and dope music. Check the ROTS Instagram at the end of this post and check it out. Anyway I bought this amazing t-shirt from ROTS’s previous collection. I loved it from the very first time I tried it on. The cloth material, the long line and the mesh detail makes it so modish to accompany my streetwear and fashionable looks. I chose white trousers to match it with, but you can also wear it with black trousers too, that will make the t-shirt stand out.


I am also excited for this photoshoot, to announce my collaboration with the brand Widdenburg. Widdenburg is a company creating the most sophisticated minimalist watches that everyone should own. They are so stylish, ideal for fashionistas and people that want to feel unique. They are affordable too!!! Check their 10 unique styles and I am sure you will find the watch for you!!! You can get the one you like with 10% off by using the “strictly-stylish” code at the checkout.


I love bags!!! Everywhere I go, I carry around with me a Firetrap mini backpack. I don’t like big bags, I just need a comfortable-to-the-back backpack and the necessary size to keep my stuff. Lately, when bum bags became hot I was so happy. The perfect size “bag” to carry around and also a trendy accessory to elevate the look. However, I am peaky when looking for something specific. Therefore, after searching for days I found the white leather bum bag by Fiorelli !!! Textured material, good design and perfect size!!! Perfetto!!!


To complete my look I wore my mirror flip sunglasses from Levur. I adore the flip lenses!!! You can get these sunnies or other Levur stuff using the code “STRICTLY40” to get 40 % off at the checkout. I also feel I need to mention the amazing ring from Macabre Gadgets. The aesthetic of this brand is so amazing I could not resist and got the “Thea” ring. What do you think?


Vest t-shirt – ROTS

Bandana – ZARA (similar)

Sunglasses – LEVUR

Watch – Widdenburg

Ring – Macabre Gadgets

Trousers – ZARA (similar)

✧ Trainers – NIKE (similar)

I am always open for your comments so do not hesitate to contact me. Check also my previous spring photoshoot,  and tell me what you think. Last but not least, do not forget to follow me on my socials for more fashion and design posts.

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