Weekend Reading 8.29.21

My kids are happy back at school, it’s nice to see them smiling at the opportunity to be social and sit in classrooms again. Our family has begun looking for a new home to purchase and having serious discussions about selling the home we live in. It’s been a wonderful home and where I raised my kids, but we’re feeling the need to downsize and plant ourselves in a new container. There’s no rush, but it’s an ongoing discussion and a leap we might take in the next few months if we find the right home.

Everyone in California is closely watching a huge wildfire get closer to Lake Tahoe where several friends of mine live and many cool communities exist. Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous place we like to visit year round and a favorite vacation spot for many Californians, so it’s very sad and scary what’s happening and we’re praying the firefighters can contain it. These are strange days we’re living in.

Favorite links found this week:

Beautiful medley of natural wood tones + black windows and cabinets in this California home.

Classic architecture and modern furnishings blend in this home with neutral tones.

Black and white mix with natural textures in this lovely home renovation.

Get to know the original influencers of mid century modern lighting design.

The beauty of “Covid hair” and the return of natural gray.

How digital addictions are drowning us in dopamine.

Why creativity is key to healthy aging.

 Garbage time v. quality time.

Coco Chanel’s best quotes on life, love, and fashion.

Made me laugh: this satire about the popular “gather” and “live laugh love” signs.

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