Weekend Reading 10.30.21

Happy Halloween weekend! My teenagers are off with their friends running around town to various hangouts. Gone are the days when I get them dressed up and we go trick or treating together but that’s okay. Now we sit home and wait for the little ones in our neighborhood to come to our front door and I always look forward to seeing their cute costumes.

I ordered some new chairs and linens for my dining room and I’ll be setting them up this week. It’s been many years since I’ve hosted Thanksgiving so I’m getting an early start. The last few years we’ve been out of town with extended family so it’s my turn again to decorate and cook. I also have a few simple holiday projects I’m excited about that I’ll share with you in the coming weeks.

Favorite links from the week:

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Woah, this is mosaic checkered tile floor.

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Vintage photos of Paris.

Small towns across the USA to visit for a festive holiday.

Skin friendly foods that fight wrinkles.

Chris makes the coolest Halloween food: witch fingers and coffin dip.

This history of Halloween and why we celebrate it.

Spooky! Zillow has a virtual haunted house tour.

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