Belt bag trend

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Belt bag trend

I wanted to share this spring photoshoot with you before summer. The weather helped me make it in time :p. I am so excited about this photoshoot because new things have happened. Awesome place, new collaborations and amazing colors.

Whenever I go, I always carry my small backpack with me that is so comfortable and so easy to move around. However, it does not suit my formal outfits and I was searching for something different. As i was searching I came across the waist belt trend, which is so hot right now, especially in women fashion. I like experimenting with new trends and accessories, till I find what suits me best. Looking at the waist belt bag collection of Simoni’s textile design, I was like I need to try it at my next photoshoot. I like the work of this girl. So stylish and so unique. Geometric patterns, bold and pastel colors make each piece to stand out. Check her facebook page and instagram to see all her collections and be quick because every piece is unique.


So i contacted Simoni and she was so excited about my idea. Unfortunately, the colors i wanted were sold but I chose 2 belt bags from her remaining stock, as i thought it will be fun to have a woman joining me in this photoshoot. I asked my friend Demetra to join me, who was Star Cyprus in 2009. Her experience in posing is so obvious comparing to me :p. I was so excited to have her in this photoshoot. Moreover, the photographer was a friend of mine too, who is a very creative girl. Tatiana is an architect and she likes anything creative so she wanted to be the photographer of this shoot.

Last but not least, the thing that makes this photoshoot unique is the location. An old abandoned mansion, with traditional architecture and a huge yard with palm trees and now weeds. Big arches with windows and traditional architectural details add a classy note to the photoshoot.


Therefore, fashion wise, we chose to wear classy outfits in shades of grey. This way belt bags will stand out as they are colorful. I just want to note that I love so much this jacket of mine, which i bought from a charity shop for 4 euros. I am a fan of charity shops!!!

 Let me know your opinions about this shoot!!! Once more I want to thank Simoni Textiles Designs, for embracing my idea and lend me her products, the gorgeous Demetra Olympiou and the creative Tatiana. Thanks girls I could not do it without you!!!

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My Outfit:

* Coat – Krizia (similar)

*Turtle Neck Top – Marks & Spencer (similar)

* Pants – ZARA 

* Boots – River Island (similar)

*Sunglasses – Jeepers Peepers

*Belt Bag – Simoni Textiles Design


Demetra’s Outfit:

*Turtle Neck Top – ZARA (similar)

*Cullotes – ZARA

*Blazer – ZARA

*Boots – ZARA

*Sunglasses – Jeepers Peepers

*Belt Bag – Simoni Textiles Design