Urban Blues

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Urban Blues

August is gone… Vacations are over… Temperature has fallen… Back to basics!!! September is here for a new season to start. Back in the city. With the reduction of temperature from 45 to 35 degrees , I was able to arrange a photoshoot for the blog. The Urban Blues title came from the total blue outfit I put up to match the city urban background. As there is still Summer in Cyprus, I chose blue and white colors for the look. In this blog I have a lot of things that I want to share with you.

Firstly, I want to thank my friend Tatiana who was the photographer of this post. I collaborated with Tatiana again at my previous post called Belt Bag TrendI trust her photographic aesthetics as she is a creative person. She is an architect, she can talks for hours about architecture. Therefore, when she helps me I try to find buildings with beautiful architectural details. The location is a new building that is still unhabitable. Colored windows, striped constructions and hidden lighting were enough to chose this location for the photoshoot. Tatiana loved it!! Follow her on Instagram and check her latest posts of her Santorini trip. Samsung S7 camera was used for this photoshoot, the same camera was used in my previous post 4 MUST-VISIT spots in Famagusta.


I am excited about this post as I will introduce you my collaboration with the amazing brand Saint London XVI. Saint London XVI creates high quality watches. Minimalistic design with sophisticated look that every man and woman should own. Luxury timepieces that compliment any wrist. There are many options to choose from, leather or stainless steel strap, rose gold or silver case, white or black face, I am sure you can find the watch you are looking for. Saint London XVI were very kind to create my own promotional code “STRICTLYSTYLISH” so my followers can get 20% off. So click here and get this stylish watch, I will be waiting for your photos.


“You decide to spend your time, we believe you should look incredible doing it!”

– Saint London XVI


The shorts in this outfit are from H&M. I am sure you’ve seen the H&M Conscious label. The H&M Conscious label consists of clothes that are made from recycling old textiles. H&M collects clothes of any brand which then transform to textile fibres. To support this action H&M is giving a 15% discount to a full price clothing piece, with every bag of unwanted clothing it receives. What an amazing move by H&M!!! I got my summer shorts with the conscious discount, so recycle your clothing through H&M, “let’s close the loop”!!! Click here and see the H&M Conscious receipt and follow me!!!


Furthermore, I created an account to Depop with the profile Rewind Boutique (the name came from second hand bazaars I organize). Depop is an app where people can create their online shop and sell mostly their second hand clothing and deco objects. Take a look as there are a lot clothing for men and women in low prices. The linen light blue shirt is up on my Depop account. Moreover, I have a grailed account where is a site for second hand clothing and shoes. Click here to buy the shirt. Also, if you are following me through Instagram you have seen these fashionable Lacoste sneakers worn with bunch of outfits. The modern design and color balance make them  so unique that can elevate any look.



 That’s all folks!!! Have an awesome September and a great new season, and stay tuned because new stuff are coming. Of course I will be waiting for your comments on this post and do not forget to follow me, click below!!!


Hat – (similar)

MANETTI Shirt – Depop @rewindboutique

H&M Shorts – (similar)

LACOSTE Sneakers – (similar)