“Tripping” with Nakis

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“Tripping” with Nakis

Everyone knows Nakis. Maybe not personally, but I am sure you have read one of his articles. He is an editor at Must magazine and at BeBlue by Blue Air. #pinoftheweek, is his most popular column where he presents interesting people in Cyprus, who share their stories. I am a fan of this column!!

Our first “communication” started through the interaction we had through social media. His Instagram account is very interesting as he shares artistic shots with his own perspective. We met a few times at different events and today he is featuring in my blog.


From young age, he was feeling creative. Writing is his super power. He was creating his own fantastic stories, based on his life. However, he felt that these stories needed an image. Through his studies he had to attend a photography course, and then the love for photography was born. His camera became his best friend, his way of expressing his creativity. He does not consider himself as a professional photographer but more as an alternative one or as he puts it ”a crazy person with a wild imagination and a camera”. There is always a concept behind each shot he takes.


Nakis felt that this is the time to share one of his creative projects called “Tripping”. A series of photos that represent the excursion of two friends, and the people that they meet along the way. Each photo represents a person with his own story. The pictures are gradually evolved from simple to more conceptual. The scope of this exhibition is for the visitor to think about and appreciate the people that has in his life. The same way that Nakis created this exhibition to show his appreciation to people in his life. The exhibition will be held at the IsNotGallery on the 29th December. You will find the link of the event below.



1. DSLR or Phone camera = Both

2. “Tripping” in 3 words = Personal, colorful, weird (?)

3. Nike or Adidas = I love my Stan Smiths

4. GIFs or Emojis = I’m the master of GIFs

5. Best Brunch place = Edem’s Yard, no second thought

6. Perfect or Havana = Havana, ooh na-na

7. Paris or London = London, though my French friend would disagree

8. Last photo you liked on Instagram = The amazing portrait of @ntessie.who

9. Jeans or Joggers = I wish I could go anywhere with joggers

10. Printed or Online Magazine = Nothing like holding a printed magazine on your hands

11. Summer or Winter = WINTER!!!

12. Last book you read = L.A Reid’s ”Sing to Me”

13. If I could go back in time = I’d spend more time with my grandma

14. Crepes or Waffles = Waffles

15. First CD = Spice Girls – Spiceworld (I was 8!)


Facebook: @nakisantoniou

Instagram: @nakis_nakis

Facebook Event: Nakis Antoniou presents “Tripping”