ThisIsNotClothing-Collection V

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ThisIsNotClothing-Collection V

I wish I could have all the pieces, that are coming out from this brand, in my wardrobe. I love the design and aesthetic of ThisIsNotClothing. Artist Jam Sutton, creator, designs every collection with attention to detail and creates a unique concept.

“Using clothing as a wearable canvas”


This is the fifth collection of the brand called “Man + Mach1n3”. Collection V explores the relationship between mankind and technology. The inspiration behind the collection is the  technology’s advancement and its impact on society. Using 3D scanning on engines and joining it with classical human sculptures postures, Jam represents the relationship between human and technology, showing the positive and negative issues arising.

You can buy the collection at the link below. Also you can experience free, the Augmented Reality app of the brand.