Summer Hats and the living is easy!!!

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Summer Hats and the living is easy!!!

Summer hats and the living is easy!!! Summer hats are an essential accessory for our vacations!!! First of all they protect us from the strong UV rays and also they elevate our look making it more stylish!! The most popular summer hats at the moment are the baseball caps, bucket hats and straw hats in many styles. The options are infinite. The tricky part is to find the one that suits you. I will not present you a guide of the kind of hat you should be wearing according to your head shape or your face. This is an experimentation you need to do in order to discover the perfect one for you. The only thing I believe is that a fedora hat can never go wrong. I feel is the kind of hat that suits everyone. Moreover, to be honest, I am not a bucket hat fan since it does not suit me but I like it seeing it on people who can rock it!!!


I have started my research on summer hats for my trip in August (more about it when the time comes). To be honest it was not easy to discover unique hats since there are mostly standardized shaped summer hats. Moreover, it was difficult to discover hat brands but after spending some time “surfing” and I have discover some unique ones. Therefore, I decided to share this with you in case you are searching for summer hats too.

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So, which one should I buy? which one do you like? What is your favorite type of hat for the summer? Is there any other hat brands I should know about? Hit me in the comments section below!!! Last but not least do not forget to follow me through my socials for more fashion and design posts!!!

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