Strictly Stylish is 1 year old

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Strictly Stylish is 1 year old

Strictly Stylish is already 1 year old! Can you believe it?

My first year has official completed full with memories, anxiety, fun and lot’s to think about for the years ahead…

Moreover today I am also getting 31st year old!!!

It feels like yesterday when me and my friend/developer, Panayiotis, worked until 5:00 am, on the 13th of March of 2017, to prepare my blog for launch. Yes we stayed all night long 🙂 to prepare the content and test the website across mobile, tablet and desktop devices in order to be perfect for the launch. I was so excited but anxious at the same time, of what the response would have been. 


I have to thank you from the bottom of heart as you embraced the blog from the very first moment and you gave me strength to keep working and to believe more in it. I would not hide that there were times that I was not so sure of what I was doing or if what I was doing was right. Here comes my team!! Panayiotis with his great determination and confidence, and Tatiana with the creativity and positivity to help me make my ideas come true.

Your support and my team’s, helped me to keep working even more and not quit.

A lot has changed this 1 year. Don’t hesitate to check out this post as it is a very good summary of the first year content —  (Check my 2017 review of the blog).

 I have revised a lot about being a blogger. I do not consider my self as an “influencer”, in the means of guiding people to obtain a specific style or buy specific brands, but more as a friend that recommends and shares his preferences in fashion, going-out hotspots, interesting creatives to follow etc. Therefore, if what they see, suits them, I am suggesting them to try it, (since I have tried/liked it) and if they like it, they obtain it.

Furthermore, blogging/fashion for me is creation, fun and feeling well and not judging, gossiping and jealousy/comparison.



“Now I can really define what Strictly Stylish stands for.”

It means to be Strictly you, keep your personality and having your own personal Stylish ID without being affected by anyone or anything.

Because being unique you will distinguished as a person in all aspects, professionally, relationships, etc. Saying that, I keep searching aspects of myself through experimentation and testing, till I reach the ultimate best version of me. This might take a lot time, but I am enjoying the ride.

I am repeating my self, but again I would like to thank each and everyone of you that embraced my blog and your awesome support. My team, Panayiotis and Tatiana, that believe in me, supporting and bearing me. Furthermore, a big thank you to the brands that believed in me and entrusted me their products. They made me realized that all this hard work paid off. Lastly, my backstage friends that make me feel special and confident in what I do. Stay tuned because this year is going to be greater and bigger!!!

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