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This summer I had my vacations at the beginning of June. I decided to visit Stockholm because one of my best friends is studying there. Ryanair goes directly from Paphos Airport, Cyprus, to Skavsta, Stockholm, in 4,5 hours. Stockholm in Swedish is the log island. According to the legend, the previous capital of Sweden had been attacked regularly, so a new location had to be found. Therefore, the people took a log, removed the inside and filled it with gold. Then they put the log in the sea, the land it was going to hit would have been the new capital. Gamla Stan is old city (in Swedish), was the new capital.

StockholmThe first impression I got from looking out of the aeroplane, as we were landing, everything was green, green everywhere. Sweden is covered by 53.1% forest (according to wikipedia).

StockholmWe landed around 11:00 pm but still the sky was bright. One thing I liked about Sweden was that in the summer, it is never dark. The only time that is getting darker is between 12:00 pm – 4:00 a.m but still is bright as 5:00 am in the morning in Cyprus.

StockholmA general personal opinion about the city is that Stockholm is a beautiful city with a lot of parks. It is the only city I felt safe getting lost in it. This is mostly based on the mentality of people, that everyone is minding their own business and they are following the rules so everything rolls normally. As my friends , that are living there, told me, Swedish people are avoiding talking about things that will get them into conflict or fight, like religion, politics. The fame about Swedish women is true, they are very beautiful and stylish. They dress minimal.

On the other hand, I found the city not too tourist friendly as there were places that everything was in Swedish, even though everyone speaks English and they are very helpful. My friends living there, told me that some places are not “advertised” so tourist will not be able to find them.

Nevertheless, Stockholm has a lot of museums!!! I have visited History, Modern Art, Skansen and Vasa museum. In history museum you learn about the viking era till today. Though, if you are not a history lover I would not recommend it. The museum is free. Address: Narvavägen 13-17, 114 84 Stockholm, Sweden.

The next one I’ve been is the modern art museum. I was expecting to be amazed but I was a bit disappointed by the free exhibition. I always say my personal opinion.

However, Yayoi Kusama exhibition is there till the 11/9/16, so if you are in Stockholm you must visit (16 euros entrance). Address: Skeppsholmen Island.



Skansen is an open museum, on a cliff, that you can see Stockholm from above. The theme of this museum is to learn about the animals of Sweden and the traditional food, architecture and the occupations at the ancient times. I would recommend it on a sunny day, however, everything is scattered so you might do unnecessary laps to see everything. The admission is 12 euros. Address: Djurgarden Island.

Lastly, is the Vasa museum which it was named by the ship it exhibits. Vasa is a 17th century ship that was created by the orders of the King of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus, in order to expand his military. He wanted this ship to be the most powerful in the world. This ship was designed to be taller and narrower than standard ship designs, to be quicker in the sea. It had two floors of cannons.  Outwardly, it was decorated with a lot of sculptures and Swedish symbols. It was painted with rich colours. However, after 25 minutes of sailing, it was sunk because of disadvantages of its design, weight and instability. Sea soil managed to maintained the ship till 1950 when archaiologist Anders Franzen found it under Stockholm harbour. Today the museum has the 80% of the original ship. Address: Djugarden Island.

Another interesting information about the Stockholm is that most of its underground stations have themes. The stations are painted and decorated and each one is unique. First image: Stadion station – Second: T-Centralen blue line – Third: Rådhuset station – Fourth: Kungsträdgården station

Unfortunately, we could not do the things we planned as it was raining most of the days. However, you cannot understand the vibe of a city if you do not walk in it. We did as much walk as we could. From the shopping aspect Stockholm is full of H&M shops as they are Swedish. Moreover, there are a lot designable house product shops. There are a lot of second hand shops and boutiques with pieces from high brands. To be honest I haven’t found small unique shops with local designers. The only shops that caught my attention was a small shop with handmade wooden figures, in Hollandargatan street, and the Tin Tin shop in Gamla Stan. I also, loved the “Moomin” (cartoon I was watching when I was young), products they had in different souvenir shops, as its writer Tove Jansson was swedish-speaking finish.

Stockholm Stockholm

Stockholm is an expensive city. If you want to have a proper meal (not junk food), you need to give around 8-11 euros. Swedish traditional food and sweets are not something memorable. Below you find some good restaurants I have visited. The first is the Cypre restaurant, which means Cypriot restaurant.  It started years ago from Cypriots and then the restaurant moved to a greek guy and since then is a very popular restaurant. The food is amazing as it is greek with swedish details. Everyday there are three main courses and the menu is different every day. I had a pork chop with sauce, asparangus and fries. DELICIOUS!!! It worths a visit!!! Address: Valhallavägen 50, 114 27 Stockholm, Sweden


The other restaurant was a cafe on the river. We combined it after the end of museums visits.  It is at the beginning of Djurgarden island where the Skansken and Vasa museum are. It is at the beginning of Thank god that day it was sunny and it was the best place to be. full of people, nice pizza and small boats and kayaks into the river. I recommend it for sure.

Stockholm Stockholm

The other restaurant is Vapiano which is italian, with designable eco interior and delicious food. I tried pizza and it was awesome.

Stockholm Stockholm

Unfortunately, five days in Stockholm we did not manage to visit a club. Because on the weekend we were invited for dinner and a house party. Sunday and weekdays everything was closing early. The only information I can give is that some clubs have free admission before 11:00 pm and some others have admission 15 euros without a drink so do your research before attempt to visit one. Whereas we visited some bars. I recommend two. One is Himlen which is at the top at a tall building that you can see Stockholm from above. The photos are not so clear because it was raining. Adreess: Götgatan 78, 118 30 Stockholm, Sweden.


The second one I found it by mistake, it was a small shopping mall, called Bruno, which is s bar and club. The people there were stylish and they were dancing. I loved that place!! I am not sure if its a regular event but go and check it out. Address: Gotgatan 36.

Walking around the city can be tiring, so I found some good places that you can relax. Cafe Glass has the best view of Stockholm. Recommended on a sunny day, take your camera to take some awesome photos and enjoy cafe’s drinks/ ice-cream/ food.

Tehuset (tea house in Swedish) is a beautiful cafe in the Kungsträdgården park. Is an outdoor cafe under the tall trees and flowers around it. Its menu is rich of drinks, food and sweets. A MUST-VISIT when you visit Stockholm. Better when sunny and with good friends.

I’m in love with the Rosendals Trädgård. A garden that consists of greenhouses that produce their own fruit, vegetables and flowers. There is a canteen with food products, a shop with plants. and a big garden that people can relax. All products are made by the things they produce. A good getaway after a tiring day at the museums. It is on the Djurgarden island.

I have left the most important at the end. Gamla Stan is the old city of Stockholm (as mentioned above) , and the most original one. Here you can find small beautiful shops and a lot of places to eat, from all kind of restaurants to ice cream shops. It is a scenic area with narrow alleyways. Also, Gamla Stan square is very popular for its beautiful colorful buildings. It was the area where the public slaughters were taking place, in ancient times. If I visit Stockholm again I will try to spend more time in this area.


StockholmA nice place to visit at the Gamla Stan square is the Kaffekoppen cafe. Small cafe with traditional design and very nice food and deserts. I tries the carrot cake…miam!!! You should go downstairs, it is like you are teleported to ancient times. Explore the historical cellar vault from the 1600s!

For more Stockholm from above there is also the Katarinahissen (katarina lift) a passenger elevator that takes you to a top of a building and you can see the whole Stockholm. I think the elevator was closed so we took the stairs, so bring your trainers. It worths the view. There is a cafe upthere but was closed the day we went, might not be operable.

This post represent my personal opinion of where I have been and what I have seen. If you have a different opinion or  if you visited places I have not written about please share them. Please let me know your opinion about my post!! 🙂

-Some images were borrowed, from internet,  for the post-