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According to an old article in DailyMail Japanese mothers “are taking competitive culinary prowess to new levels”. Competing to each other, which mother can make the best lunchboxes for their kids. Influenced by cartoons, like SpongeBob SquarePants, Hello Kitty or animals like panda, the result is amazing. It became so popular that a lot of blogs and forums teach you how to make the best lunch box and provide expertise skills to create even more spectacular designs.

Shoeshi Shoeshi


The artist of Theonigiriart, Yujia Hu, upgraded the whole idea of sushi art and through his chef skills creates portraits, popular fashion clothing and footwear. I am sure his art will excite you!!! His first attempts were to  create NBA players, rappers, and movie characters, with rice, sashimi, and nori as his mediums. In fact, his first piece of art was a tribute to Michael Jordan.The creation of the basketball star’s shoes—the Air Jordan 1—was the start to the birth of “shoe-shis”.


Recreating shoes from high end brands to the most popular streetwear sneakers that are bombarding Instagram daily. His most popular and realistic sushi shoes are Nori and tuna Gucci loafers, a flowery pair of Dolce & Gabbana Mary Jane heels, ankle-strap Jimmy Choos made of salmon, Fendi boots rendered in nori, and the quintessential Stan Smiths, Converse, and Nike Air Jordan 1.


He is experimenting with a lot sushi ingredients but his favourite one is salmon. “I think it has a really interesting texture and its color pops and attracts everyone’s attention.”, he said in his Vogue interview. He creates shoeshis only by commission as it takes me a lot of time to make them. In Vogue he explains the difficulty of his art, “It could be the shape of the face, the eyebrows, which give an expression to every character, a beard, an earring, a tattoo or a specific outfit. As for the sneakers, I think the most difficult part is to re-create the logo and the letters.”


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