Reaching Morocco (Bergamo)

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Reaching Morocco (Bergamo)
This summer I had one of my favourite trips. Well, it is equal to my trip in India. It was a 12-days trip so I have so much to share with you!!! What makes this trip so special is that I visited three different countries and also I experienced a new continent for the first time. The destination was Morocco!!! When I first saw photos of Morocco, it got, immediately, into my bucket list. In this trip I was not alone. The travel team was me and 7 friends of mine all girls. There was suppose to be more friends but could not make it. In Morocco everyone was saying I was the Ali Baba with my harem. There was no a direct flight to Morocco, so the whole trip was from Paphos to Bergamo (Milan), then to Seville. From Seville to Marrakesh, and then back to Seville and from there to Cyprus.eachingMoroccoBergamo

First stop Bergamo

When we arrived to Bergamo airport we had 8 hours till our next flight. At first we were thinking of visiting Milan, but the photos of Bergamo at the airport, made us change our minds. Even though, I spent few hours to Bergamo I though it is worth mentioning it, as it was very beautiful. Bergamo is such a nice city!!! Amazing architecture, gallery churches and picturesque alleyways. We got the bus to get to the old city. Bergamo is a very tidy city with beautiful colorful houses.The old city was uphill so we could enjoy the view.


The old town was so nice. Beautiful alleyways, nice shops and displays full of delicious snacks. The weather was a bit hot but we walked around the city. The churches were like an art exhibition!!! From floor to ceiling, so many details and colors that camera cannot capture.


Small interesting shops and nice restaurants. We could not resist the display of the Il Fornaio, which was full of pizza pieces, so many options. We started drooling on the spot so we got in and got a piece each one. To be honest it was not the best pizza I had but it was ok. After getting hot from walking we refreshed our selves with Aperol spritz at Pasticceria Donizetti. The best aperol spritz I have tasted!!! I don’t remember how many aperols we “shallowed”.


We discover the Caffe della Funicolare which seemed like a nice restaurant. Unfortunately, there was no time to try it. Moreover, it has an awesome view and also there is a teleferic stop there. Yes, because of the uphill position of Bergamo, you can enjoy it through teleferic. I will definitely try it on my next visit.

 I will advice you to check also my highlights on my Instagram account to see more videos about my trip!!!


The time passed and we returned back to the Airport. It was an amazing stop and I will visit again Bergamo for sure and get lost in its magical old city. An advice do not visit during August because it is warm!!! Also, the photos are not only mine but they are from the whole team (@tatiana_an, @xaritiniiliadou, @helenaoly, @demi_oly). Following the trip to Seville!!! Keep following me on my socials to learn when the second part will be posted.


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