Pull up your socks

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Pull up your socks

I wouldn’t imagine making a post at suggesting you socks to buy. To be honest I go safe on socks. I always wear plain black ones. However, doing my Monday online sightseeing in fashion sites I have gotten in love with some pairs I couldn’t not share with you. There are so many options out there but you have to be careful because a pair of socks could ruin your look. Go for a black plain pair of socks if you want to feel safe. White socks usually match with white sneakers, even though I am not a fan. Moreover, fancy socks are usually paired with a monochrome or dark colors outfit in order to stand out. Nevertheless, there are exceptions so it is best to search for fashion bloggers and see how they wear them.

Which pair is your favorite? Click on pictures to buy!!!

pull-up-your-socks pull-up-your-socks


pull-up-your-socks pull-up-your-socks