Printed Summer Shirts

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Printed Summer Shirts

I realized that in the past I was buying a lot of clothes which had low price or because they were fashionable, but in the end they did not suit me!!! Therefore, at the moment I am trying to be more selective and buy the ones that make me look good and “last longer in fashion”. Looking at summer outfits in Pinterest and fellow bloggers in Instagram, I realized that printed summer shirts are so stylish in a summer look. Checking my wardrobe I found out that almost all of the shirts are very formal or their material is not suitable for Cyprus summer (40 degrees – hot).PrintedSummerShirts(photo link)

Therefore, I started making my research for cool and stylish shirts. At the moment the printed shirts are so hot, there are so many options to choose from. Hawaiian style shirts, vintage revere collars, printed summer scenes, flamingos (they are everywhere), cactus, palm trees, stripes (so trendy right now!!!), and many more. Therefore, I created this shopping list of these amazing shirts as there are so many options, and hopefully you will help me decide which one I should buy and which you like the most. They can be worn as casual or they can compliment a formal outfit. It is better to combine them with monochrome pieces as they are usually very colorful. The best piece the compliments them is black jeans!!!

PrintedSummerShirts(photo link)

A small parenthesis before you start buying, I have just joined Depop, an app where you can “create” your online shop and sell your clothing, decor and many more. This year I have organised several second hand bazaars and I have a lot of pieces “in stock”. So take a look and see if you find anything that suits you, as the prices are very low!!! New pieces are uploaded daily, so check it out every day. My user name in depop is @strictlystylish!!! And of course follow me on Instagram for daily inspirations and outfits!!!