Paphos by Summer

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Paphos by Summer

Following my previous post “4 MUST-VISIT Spots in Famagusta District“, I decided to present you another city of my beautiful island, that is a great summer destination. Paphos is at the southwest coastal of the island. I am not visiting this county often but when I do, it excites me every time. Paphos is not so popular for its crystal beaches, like Famagusta, but more about its beautiful virgin nature spots. This post is about the places I have visited this summer. You will be able to find the spots on the map by clicking on the name of each spot. When you visit Paphos, the feeling for discovery gets stronger!!! You can say that Paphos fruit is banana since it is filled with banana fields. So if you are a more active tourist read below and discover the most interesting corners of this amazing county.


Ok an active day cannot start without a rich and amazing breakfast. This summer I have discovered the best brunch in Cyprus, specifically in Kallepia village. Mrs Kika opens her garden and serves a rich brunch that I am sure, it will leave everyone satisfied and with one extra kilo. If you get the set brunch menu a big wood platter of five different homemade breads, each one has its own taste and texture, arrive first. It is accompanied with twelve unique jams and fruit. After you fill your stomach with soft bread and tasteful jams, then a big pan lands on the table with fried eggs and cypriot lountza. All vegetables and fruit are produced in Kika’s garden. When you finish breakfast Mrs Kika joins you on the table for a card “game”. It is advisable to take your coffee or tea and get lost in the garden. Really guys it feels like heaven here!!


Kremmioti Waterfall

So let’s move on to the nature treasures of Paphos. The latest discovery of Paphos beauties, is the Kremmioti waterfall near the Kritou Terra village!!! Follow the signs!! A 4×4 is better than a lower car, even though I have seen lower cars there. This piece of magic was found two years ago. To reach it you have to drive through an off road and then walk through a nature trail for 10 minutes and then you get behind the waterfall. There you will find a small narrow passage (small cave) and when you get out of the passage you get wet with the chilled water of the waterfall, dressed in a green “gown”. Photos cannot capture the beauty of the waterfall!!! Do not miss it if you visit Paphos!!! It is advisable to avoid flip flops since the hike is consider to be difficult. Also, before you get into the passage cover the things you do not want to get wet!!!


Avakas Gorge

My second favorite spot is the Avakas Gorge!!! This is where you realise that God is an artist. The rock formation and the rare plants make it so spectacular. ” The Avakas gorge was created by a raging stream which was flowing over the limestone for thousands of years, creating walls up to 30 meters in height and magnificent rock formations and it is 3km long.”. Moreover, you can find the rare centauria akamandis plan which can only be found here in Avakas. You will take the most awesome photos here. Be careful of how to get here, since there is a quicker shortcut (by car) but the road is destroyed and it is not suitable for lower cars. I got this path and it was a nightmare to return back. Wait till you find the sign for the gorge and take that shortcut. It is best to use a 4×4 but also lower cars can reach the entrance of the gorge from the correct passage to the gorge. Also you need to wear trail shoes since there are some slippery points.


Sea Caves

The third one are the sea caves located at the Peyia village. This is where blue is touching white without mixing!!! A location full of caves, coastal formations and stone lodges. The sculpting job of the sea at its best!! The white seashores can reach the height of 20 meters where you can enjoy a great view at the top. It is not very easy to swim there so there are not a lot of people visiting the area. Climb the high seashores and discover the area. This is how we discovered a private natural “swimming pool”. We visited the place in August so I would suggest to visit when there will not be so hot, since there is a bit of walking under the sun. At the top we have seen people preparing a wedding frame, probably for photoshooting. If you love photography you must visit this place.



Are these enough or do you want some more? Well I have more to share. As I said at the beginning of this post, Paphos beaches are not as popular as Famagusta’s, since they are deep and have strong waves. Moreover, most have rocks than sand. However, there are two beaches that you definitely need to visit. First is the Latchi beach which is one of the cleanest beaches in Paphos as it is so deep but still you can see the bottom. The most popular is the Yiannakis beach where there is a tavern and beach beds, but usually is packed. I would advice you to move a bit further from there (explore the whole beach), where there are no beach beds and less people, so you get to enjoy the whole sea for yourself. Explore the whole coast there but be careful as there are turtle nests. The second on is the most crystal clear bay in Cyprus, the Blue Lagoon. It is like a swimming pool inside the sea. You can access the bay with boats or four wheel drive. If you do not own a boat you can get one from Latchi harbor for €15 in advance and €20 at the boat. If you want to live the adventure of driving there, go with the four wheel drive because the road is bumpy (not suitable for lower cars).


Oniro by the sea

Leave this spot near the sundown and you will remember me. The “Oniro (dream) by the sea” has the best strategically location in Paphos. The amazing cafe is build on the rocks of the coast and it looks over the stranded Edro III, a shipwreck, since the December 2011. It was a cargo ship that transferred plasterboards from Greece to Limassol. After leaving the Limassol port, heading towards Rhodes, the ship ended on the rocks after a turmoil. The strong winds force the ship to hit on the rocks and got immobilized. The disagreements between the mechanics and shipowners, if the ship could travel or not, and also because of economic factors, the ship stayed as it is today. This is one of my favorite spot for sunset shots!!! Moreover, you must try the food at the “Oniro by the sea” cafe. The cafe is making an amazing work with friendly waiters and quick service. The food is delicious and the cocktails refreshing. A great weekend afternoon escape!!!


All these activities will make you hungry so for a great lunch you should visit the Agios Georgios Tavern in Peyia. With the greatest view, looking at the Ayios Georgios harbor and eating fresh delicious fish, you could not ask anything more.

For dinner I am suggesting the Araouzos tavern in the beautiful Kathikas village. A traditional tavern with modern plates. If you visit it in the summer, book a table in the garden where is cooler. On Saturdays there is live music that makes the atmosphere even more fun.

Unfortunately, there were so many other spots to visit but did not have the time to visit and take photos. Therefore, I will include everything below.

All the above nature activities usually are complimenting the profile of a nature person that likes to go camping. Therefore, camping sites could not miss from Paphos. The most popular is the Polis Chrysochous camping site. You pay a small entrance fee and you can choose the area where you will put your tents. The facilities of the site are toilets, showers, sun beds, umbrellas and bar. The sea is a mixture of sand and pebbles. The site is near the village, by car, in case you want to go for a walk. If you are the free camping type the best place to camp is the Akamas area. It can only be accessed with four wheel car and need to be careful since there is only one road and it is narrow. It is worth camping there!! The raw natural beauties of the landscape and the crystal waters will captivate your heart. Moreover, it is the best site to enjoy the whole August moon and the stars since there is no lighting there. Go prepared since there is nothing there. And most importantly respect the area and take your rubbish with you.


If you love architecture, you must visit the Apostle Peter and St. Helen the Martyr Chapel, which is 10 minutes close to the Paphos “entrance”. It is situated on Kerkiras Street, in St. Theodoros area. The only contemporary chapel in Cyprus. I have discovered the chapel in architecture sites and I was amazed when I discovered that it was in Cyprus. It was inspired by the local orthodox ecclesiastical architecture, but used contemporary materials and innovative methods. It was designed by the Cypriot architect Michail Georgiou.


Photo by Charis Solomou

You know how much I like local designer stores, so I would suggest the Splashes shop opposite the Kings Avenue Mall. The owner is the sweetest girl in the world. Loukia will welcome you with the wider smile ever and she will help you to find what you are looking for. All products are made by local designers from fashion pieces to decor. Pay her a visit and you will find the best presents!!!

My accommodation for the weekend was the Pharos Paradise Townhouse, very near to the city center and to the beach. I recommend this place!!! The house was very clean and so comfortable. The friendly host, left snacks, fruit and wine as  welcoming gifts. I stayed only for one night but I wished I was able to stay for long. I will have it in mind when I visit Paphos again.

Hope that I gave you a complete image of what Paphos is all about. Let me know if you visited Paphos and your thoughts about it. Inform me if I left anything behind that should have been included in this post. If you have any other questions about Paphos do not hesitate to ask. I would like to thank my friends @tatiana_an (photographer) and @demi_oly for joining me to the Paphos trip. Follow me on my socials for more fashion, design and travel inspiration!!!

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