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We’ve had misty mornings with thick fog for over a week and there’s something so wonderful about wearing a winter coat and taking an early morning stroll in those conditions, like something out of a classic novel. 🙂 This week I’m opening up the Christmas closet and pulling out some

If you search “travel poster” or “retro travel poster” or “vintage travel poster”, what will pop up are colorful prints with fonts layered over the top of illustrations of famous places around the world. Most of these prints or posters are made by graphic artists using Adobe Illustrator or other

My girlfriends and I found affordable tickets to Italy and traveled there together in October. Our destinations were Venice, Florence, and Verona, we arrived by plane in Venice then did a loop around those cities by train. Verona is known for the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and it

I’m driving the Oregon coast home today and seeing so many beautiful vistas as I make my way back to California. I’m stopping in several little beach towns on my road trip. I’ve always loved living near the coast of California, like most people I find the sound of ocean

I’m in Portland today sitting in the midcentury modern decorated lobby of The Huxton Hotel typing up this very post. My road trip has been interesting so far, I’ll write up a full post of my experience here soon. Today I’m headed up the Columbia River Gorge to Hood River,

I’ve lived in Sonoma County, California all my life except for my time away at college and law school. I grew up in an area known for its small towns and rolling hills filled with vineyards and oak trees. Sonoma is next door to Napa County and both are major

In the past I’ve had mixed feelings about shadow boxes, they’re used to display memorabilia, sports jerseys or shell collections, that sort of thing. I’ve come around on this style of frame for wall displays now that I see them in a new light. If the subject matter of the

‘Tis the season when we’re all cooking and baking and giving gifts! Why not combine them? I thought it was finally time I rounded up some of the family’s famous recipes to commemorate them in the form of keepsake tea towels. Every Thanksgiving we make Grandma Carole’s key lime pie

Sunday hellos everyone! I spent extra time this week at our flip property with the electrician and receiving the kitchen cabinets. The property is in Sonoma which gives me an opportunity to sneak away to cool lunch spots or stop on my way home for a quick wine tasting. No