Living objects by Juno Jeon

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Living objects by Juno Jeon

I loved the concept of this amazing project by the designer Juno Jeon that I needed to share right away. The aim of the project is to bring ordinary objects to life, by interacting with the user. The project consists of two furniture objects a drawer and a cabinet.


The ‘pull me to live’ is a drawer that change skin when it is pulled. It consists of small wooden pieces that are aligned to face all the same direction. Each side of the wooden pieces has its own color, Therefore, when the drawer is pulled the pieces change direction and color at the same time that give a new surface. Thus the object reacts immediately to the human stimulus, and when pushed back, the surface change color and direction going to the previous phase.

“fade” is a cabinet that change color depending of the direction that it is been looked at. Thus, when the user passes by it, it starts changing color, because its being looked at from different directions. It feels like its being reacting to the movement of the user.

Check the link below to visit Juno Jeon’s site for more projects


Source: ordinary behavior brings juno jeon’s furniture series to life