March Bracelets by Augousta

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March Bracelets by Augousta

One of the things I like the most are my evening hobbies. One of them is silversmith which I am so passionate about and at the moment I am trying to create a small collection for my brand Pierre Noir Design. A big part in my love for silversmith played my teacher, Augousta. She is so understandable to what design you want to make and she helps you to make it happen. She is so cool that we go to galleries and different exhibitions together. Moreover, I admire her work so I was so excited when she asked me to take a few photos of her March bracelets. She is one of the few original contemporary jewelry designers in Cyprus so I decided to make a blog post about her.


 “Through experimenting and searching for new materials I discover new techniques where a new collection is born”

 After finishing her studies at the Mokume- Silversmith and Jewellery Design School, in Thessaloniki, she came back to Cyprus and started her own brand Augousta Jewelry. Geometry and minimal are the main characteristics of her work. Clean shapes at all shades of bronze, silver and gold. Silver is the main metal she uses and usually combines it with other materials like paper mache, plexiglass, wood, caoutchou and threads. She likes to experiment with different techniques and materials. There are also some pieces that are “outside the box”. She is an interesting artist to follow. She accepts customade orders too!!! She has participated in many exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad like Athens Biennale and Inhorgenta exhibition in Monaco, were a few of them. Moreover, her work has been presented in jewellery books like “Joyeria Contemporanea-Contemporary Jewellery, Anuario 2011 and 2012/2013”, “New Rings-500+Designs from around the world”  etc.



“Always follow your instinct”, her moto.

 She was kind enough to invite me to her workshop and take photos for the post. I had the chance to see on the spot what steps she takes to create her jewelry pieces. The March bracelets she makes are the most stylish I have seen. Available in three designs, a bird, a round tablet with a “March” quote and evil eye (the first two in silver and bronze). The March bracelet tradition is common in Cyprus, Greece and Balkan countries. It is made by red and white threads. In many cases the red symbolizes love and the white, purity. In Greek mythology white and red are often seen in superstition when it is to prevent some evil. The myth says that March Bracelets were worn by kids from the 1st of March. to protect their faces burning from the first Spring Sun, literally to protect them from evil eye. In some areas they hang March bracelets on trees when they see the first swallow, so they take them and build their nest. Moreover, it is to ensure blossom for the trees.  She was inspired by these myths and created these amazing bracelets.



1. Coffee = cappuccino

2. Last photo of your phone = Photo of an almond tree

3. Silver or Gold = Silver

4. Kickers or Camper = Camper

5. Favourite Emoji = 🙂 

6. Favourite exhibition =  A jewelry exhibition in Monaco

7. Favourite spot of your city = Daily Roast

8. Spring or Summer = Spring

9. Biggest fear = Losing a close friend/family

10. Favourite hobby = Pilates

11. Wine or Cocktail = Cocktail

12. Favourite book = “Desert Rose”

13. Describe your work in 3 words = Contemporary, elegant, minimal

14. Celebrity/Artist crush = Iris Apfel (she is a piece of art)

15. Favourite Ice Cream flavour = Mastiha


You can order your own March bracelets through Augousta’s social media accounts or stay tuned tomorrow a giveaway will start in my Facebook and Instagram account. Also follow me on other platforms.

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