Longline Trend

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Longline Trend

Streetwear trend came to stay.  More oversize and longline pieces are coming out. However, it is not easy to adopt these pieces to your outfit.  My advice is to go simple at the beginning, till you feel confident and then experiment with the trend. The “safe guidelines” are to wear one piece at a time. Wearing more than one longline piece will make the outfit look overdone. The outfit should be simple in order to make the longline piece to stand out. Moreover, in order to highlight longline it is better to wear it with slim or skinny trousers/ jeans. For a safe and more efficient stylish outfit is to”play” with earthly colors. Khaki and beige are the most popular at the moment. Finish the outfit with a leather or suede jacket in earthly colours as well, but if you are feeling confident wear a colorful or embroidered bomber jacket.

The “introduction” above opens this post as I will share with you a last year outfit that I found searching through my documents. I thought it is worth sharing as it is still in fashion. I kept my outfit as minimal and simple as possible, to highlight my longline sweatshirt from ASOS. More longline oufits will follow as I love layering with longline pieces. Check the photos below and let me know what you think!!! 🙂

Special thanks to special photographer Melanie.

+ Sweatshirt ASOS

+ Jeans Humor (similar)

+  Hi-tops Gourmet (similar)

+ Earring Topman (similar)

+ Ring Cheap Monday (similar)