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On Christmas time I visited Italy and specifically Venice and Florence. Both cities are so beautiful, the only thing I was doing was taking photos of everything. So I decided my next 2 posts will be about them. My first post was about Venice, this one will be about Florence.

Yeap, Florence is so beautiful!!!


Florence is like an outdoor gallery, you can find statues everywhere. Churches and small markets can be found everywhere in Florence. Love this city. I love the details in the architecture.

City shortcuts where you can find small shops and restaurants. Florence is an interesting city to explore.


The first stop is Piazza della Repubblica! Behind me is the Arch of Triumph! I will recommend to visit Caffe la Terraza, (terrace cafe), for a nice hot chocolate and enjoy the piazza from above.

florence-3The piazza has an amazing carousel!!

florence-1The street markets of Florence is full of leather products, scarves, jewerly e.t.c. I found the firenze leather market outside the Mercato Centrale is the cheaper than the others. I got 2 awesome pillow cases and a scarf for my mother.


Duomo in Italian is cathedral, so the piazza got the name from the cathedral of Saint Mary of the flowers. It is a massive and beautiful building.

In front of the cathedral is the Baptistery that is a part of the cathedral complex. Moreover the Duomo consists of the Giotto’s Campanile (85m tall) and the dome. It is worth mentioning the painting under the dome, Last Judgement by Giorgio Vasari.


Exploring the city I found this amazing shop called Tuscan Taste. I tried their unique liquor and homemade cookies. A sip was enough to convince me to buy 3 bottles of it. Must try!!!



 If you visit Florence you should go to the Ponte Vecchio, which means an Old Bridge. This bridge has jewelry shops built along it. It is the paradise for every woman. I took a photo of the amazing cufflings from Fratelli Perucci.


Sightseeing: Uffizi Gallery  /  Palazzo Pitti  /  The Boboli Gardens  /  Piazza della Signoria


All traffic signs have sketches!!!

florenceYou will know when you will be near the il porcellino (piglet) as there is always queue to rub his nose and take a photo. According to the rumor “Visitors to Il Porcellino put a coin into the boar’s gaping jaws, with the intent to let it fall through the underlying grating for good luck, and they rub the boar’s snout to ensure a return to Florence.”

florenceI have rubbed the boar’s snout so I’ll be back soon.

Lastly, I want to recommend 4 shops  that have impressed me.

1. Trecentesco Florentino/ antique style objects (via faenza 67/r-Firenze)

2. Richard Rigori/ homewear (via dei Rondinelli, 17, Firenze)

3. Campucc10/ local designers (via del campuccio, 10/R, 50121, Firenze)

4. Un caffe/ cheap + plays greek old music (Via Cesare Battisti 2 – SS Annunziata, Florence, Italy)


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More photos in my instagram account!!!