Favourites of Menswear Fall 2018-19

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Favourites of Menswear Fall 2018-19

After searching for all of the Fall Menswear Fashion Shows (exhausting and fun at the same time), to prepare this post, I concluded to my top 5!!! The highlights of this year were variety of fabrics, like fur and velvet, bags of all sizes and belted long coats. Another interesting array of fashionable menswear outfits, for a stylish winter.



My top favourite, was the Louis Vuitton show during the Paris Fashion Week, by Kim Jones!!! Following the success of the last year show with Supreme, the new collection is based on the same foundations, street-meet-chic. I loved the nature texture-inspired prints, which were developed by Kim’s own aerial landscape photographs!! The influence of the hiking wear is obvious by the trench coats and modern boots. Moreover, there were printed meggings and a variety of embossed carrying bags, sling bags and backpacks. Before his departure from Louis Vuitton, Kim prepared a great surprise. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell closed the show in vinyl monogrammed trench coats and made the audience go wild!!! A memorable moment of this fashion week!!!

FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19


From Milan Fashion Week, I have distinguished the Fendi show for many reasons. First one was the runway setting, a long airport-style conveyor belt lined with new and vintage Fendi bags. The concept is obvious here, “the airport arrivals hall”, but with a lot of luxe and touches of street and sport. Main focus is being given to the bags of all sizes from bum bags to luggage ones. I am a fan on bum bags!! Every piece of the collection is reversible with the exterior more logocentric and the interior more minimal. Taking into consideration the concept, reversible clothes minimize theluggage space. This year the house collaborated with the Glaswegian graphic specialist Hey Reilly, whose collages were printed on outerwear pieces and accessories. I could wear almost all the fur and shearling coats and jackets of this collection. Left the best for last, the big technical-fugly sneakers are so DOPE!!! WAAAAAANT!!!

 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19


The collection by Cerruti 1881 has everything, formal to casual looks, belted coats, Bauhaus-inspired geometric patterns. A variety of clothes to satisfy all!!! My favourite piece is the black long leather coat!!! Following the same steps as Louis Vuitton, Cerruti addresses the new collection to younger generation. However, according to Vogue, this collection did not get the best reviews, because it did not follow its classic values with formal wear. I feel that this was a good effort by the brand to meet the demands of the new generation.

FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19


Do you want to wear colorful winter clothes? Sacai is the brand for you. In the Fall show Chitose Abehas created statement outerwear vivid colors, tops with fringed details and brave pattern mixing. In this collection the Japanese designer has collaborated with the Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirt company to create the impressive bandana-like prints. Furthermore, the new marketing campaign by the New York Times, entitled “Truth is more important than ever”, affected Chitose as it was printed on a tee and sweatshirt of the collection. Lastly, Uggs were complimenting the looks!!!

FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19


Dolce & Gabbana is the first fashion show I am always searching for because I love so much their styling!!! the mix & match extravagant looks are like artpieces. The collection is entitled the “King’s Angels” and consists of regal suits and long coats. Again a boldness collection with velvet, fur, brooches on the lapel, gold details and jeweled slippers.  Using the successful recipe from last year, celebrity, social media stars and music artists modelled for the house. This time the Dolce & Gabbana millennials were King Combs (Diddy son), Rafferty Law (Jude Law son), Tinie Tempah, Cameron Dallas and many more. Royalty at its best!!!

FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19 FavouritesofMenswearFall2018-19

These ware my top shows of Fall 2018, also check my top favourites from Menswear Spring 2017-2018Finally, do not forget to follow me through my social accounts to get more fashion and design inspiration.

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