Favorites from Menswear Spring 2018

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Favorites from Menswear Spring 2018

I love fashion weeks because I learn for the upcoming trends and I learn new designers I did not know about (the list is long) !!! Moreover, fashion designers getting as creative as possible to present us spectacular shows. Even though, fashion weeks continues, I have gathered some of the collections I liked!! We have seen some great shows and looks for Spring 2018!!! A variety of patterns, textures and colors. Therefore I present you my favorites from Menswear of Spring 2018. The designers that I distinguish this time is Helmut Lang, Outsiders Division, Dastish Fantastish, Feng Chen Wang and Paul Smith.

Helmut Lang

Hood By Air’s, Shayne Oliver as the label’s designer in residence, created a new collection based on the archival pieces by Lang. Lang’s designs were milestones to new designers collections, and this is what makes original pieces more valued. The collection consists of luxury items in minimalistic design most of them being tailored pieces and long coats with fetishistic details. Sharp silhouettes and striking textures, in leather, metalics and fasteners. “I just wanted to bring back the vibe of sensuality” Oliver said.

FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018 FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018 FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018


Outsiders Division

My top favorite collection at the moment, so colorful and fun. The brand was the winner of the latest edition of #MBFashionTalent during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. This is the new playful face, of the brand Band of Outsiders, made by brand director Daniel Hettmann and designer Angelo van Mol. In this collection you can see black and white pieces combined with bold colors. Workwear seems to be the inspiration to this collection. A mixture of graphics, textures and patterns in relaxed fit. The cardigan of the first image MUST be added to my wardrobe!!!

FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018 FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018 FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018


Dastish Fantastish

Wish I had almost every piece from this collection. Founded by Volodymyr Demchynskyi, Dastish Fantastish started as an electronic project and now is headliner at the Ukranian Fashion Week. Inspired by street style the collection has a laid back fitting with dark romance and youth aesthetic. From dull colors to bold orange, red and blue. The Matrix inspired sunglasses give a futuristic touch that is one of the main characteristics of the brand’s philosophy. Futuristic sportluxe at its best!!!

FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018 FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018 FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018


Feng Chen Wang

 Just looking at the oversized puffy gloves and the enormous 3-D letters that compliment the waist of models you realize that this an innovative collection. Starting the show with the “Made in China” tee, Feng Chen Wang, tries to transform the “cheap” feeling of the Chinese products. Also, she informs us that this collection is inspired by the Chinese design in its contemporary form. The collection consists of soft colors from brown to navy till the crispy red, as the red is the color of the Chinese New Year, Feng said. Moreover, a LVMH Prize nomination soon followed after she graduated from Royal College of Art in London, with her MA in Menswear.

FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018 FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018


Paul Smith

Once more, mr Paul amzused us with a colorful collection. Prints are his specialty!! The main character of this collection, and this season generally, are the Hawaiian shirts that stayed in Mr Smith archives, from 70’s stock he had in his store. The theme of the prints is beautiful landscapes in moonlight or an exotic island scene or even a sunset. Of course, suits could not be missing from this collection but this time there is a splash of a highlighted color to make the look even more attractive. I could wear almost every look of this collection. Congrats Mr Smith!!!

FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018 FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018 FavoritesFromMenswearSpring2018







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 (Photos were taken by Fucking Young Magazine)