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Fairy Fur

Well, today is my birthday and i prepared an awesome post for you!! It’s been so long since my last photo shooting but when you check this post you will understand it was worthy!!! There are new stuff in this post. New photographer, new collab and new style.


Let’s start from the first one. My new photographer is someone I wanted to do a photo shoot with a few years ago. And the person behind the curtains is Georgia Ioannou, a creative creature you should be following. Her work on her previous job made me wanting to collaborate with her. Unfortunately, due to work obligations this photo shooting never happened. However, this made us pumped  and we gave everything we had to this one and the result is amazing.


The best thing about this post is the amazing location!!! The deserted Luna Park that every Nicosian has visited when he/she was little. Unfortunately, the Luna Park is closed down. The only things you can see are the remaining ruins and savages. The perfect setting for our photo shooting!!!


This time my collaboration comes from Greece. The Capitola company created by two sisters who got tired of the high prices of the market and wanted to create a brand with a direct business model, that unites the consumer with the final product. The brand is inspired by the beauty and minimalism of the California coast, Capitola. My Capitola is the most classy watch i own. It goes with everything and it is an eye catcher. The best thing is made with the best materials and has very affordable prices. Moreover, i love the variety of bands that the company is offering. You can make a Capitola watch yours with 15% off using the “STRICTLYSTYLISH” code!!! If you do, show me what you’ve got or if you need help to choose one let me know i am here for you!!!


I want to start by saying that i was saying that i will never wear a fur!!! And of course i mean faux fur, real furs are a NO!!! But when i discovered the high quality patch faux furs it hit me. I wanted to try one so i order the one you see below. I loved it!!! It keeps you warm and you feel kind of prestige wearing it. Love the patch details.

Do you have a faux fur? Will you add one to your wardrobe?



Let me know your thoughts on this photoshoot and keep following me on my socials for more fashion and design inspiration.

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