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Diversity by Tasos Anastasiou

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Diversity by Tasos Anastasiou

A few months ago I have attended the MTN Must Fashion show, where Cypriot Fashion Designers were showcasing their Spring/Summer 2019. Few of them were, ZS by Zoe Sophocleous, Natargeorgiou, Erotokritos, LKC by Loukia Kyriakou and many more. However, my top favorite was the show of Frederick’s Fashion department. This is the second time that the Frederick University participates in a big fashion show like this one. The first one was the first fashion show of Mad TV Greece and Must Magazine. Frederick took my attention from the very first show and did it this time too!!! Modern lines and fashion forward pieces, so fresh!!! I fell in love with Frederick’s menswear outfits that I immediately contacted the @frederick_fashion and asked for the designer.


Tasos Anastasiou is the designer of the contemporary outfits that “paraded” at the show. He was so kind to accept my invitation to present him to my blog. This is the reason I created the new column at my blog, to present new talented local designers, like Tasos. I  have been curious how a fashion designer comes up with a collection. For Tasos is a lot of research on the subject he is interested at. Experimentation, follows, in sketchbooks with materials to define his aesthetic and then everything comes naturally. Looking at Tasos’ collection, influences, can be seen, by subculture movements and dark aesthetics. Overzised shapes, long lines and dark colors are the main characteristics of his collection. Moreover, he gets inspired by inconceivable, to human brain, subjects like religion, witchcraft or cosmos.



Synthetic materials are mostly his main source since they are suitable for the oversize shapes he creates. “It’s easier to make the garment move and also I like the sound of the plastic material when it touches the undergarments”, he said. “Diversity” is the name of his first collection and even though he presented his collection with male models, Tasos considers his clothes unisex. He stated that his collection is an expression of gender bending, creating an anonymous mystery image of the body with gender-neutral clothes, he concluded with the Anna Wintour quote “Menswear is the future of Womenswear”.  His aim, behind his collection, is to create abstractions of the human body by layering, and create abnormal shapes.


When asked his opinion about men fashion in Cyprus, he gave no answer, since he believes that male Cypriots are playing safe with just wearing expensive shit, as stated. He thinks that Cypriots do not have their own opinion on what suits them. Most of them just follow public figures/famous people and they just wear what they wear!! So personal styling is gone!!! His brand is referring to confident, style-wise, people that experimenting with their looks and want to feel unique. He feels Cyprus won’t be his strong market because of the lack of personalities and opportunities. His future plans are to travel the world, to meet and work with different artists and magazines, while he will updating his online shop. A long-term dream is to open his own store, someday.



1. “Diversity” in 3 wordsGender non-binary, Oversized, Layering

2. Favorite Designer = Alexander McQueen

3. Summer or Winter = Winter

4. Favorite cartoon character = Edna Mode

5. Dreamy fashion piece you would like to design = Rick Owens SS18 Dirt Boots

6. London or Paris = Paris

7. Gaga or Riri = Gaga

8. Ice cream flavor = Salted Caramel

9. Maison Margiela or Dries Van Noten = Maison Margiela

10. Shop online or at stores = Stores

11. One thing you cannot live without = Body Creams

12. Lomography or Phone Camera = Phone Camera

13. Youtube or Spotify = Youtube

14. Fashion Icon/Person you admire his/her style = Michele Lamy

15. Sneakers or Boots = BootsdiversityTasosAnastasiou

Tasos is a promising fashion designer that you should keep checking up for his next steps (@tasostc)!!! Moreover, keep following me on my socials because a giveaway will follow with this guy!!!

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