Coin “toss” by Siarlis

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Coin “toss” by Siarlis
At last the day has come where I will add to my collection of “Favourite Local Designers”, my top favourite Cypriot designer. This is Marios Siarlis a multi-crafter, if  I am allowed to use this word, that goes with the brand name “Siarlis”. It goes a few years ago when I firstly discovered Marios through a friend of mine. Inspired by the Brit Awards trophies, which are designed by a different designer every year, I wanted to modified Aphrodites’ souvenir statues. Then a friend of mine showed me Marios’ Aphodites that were way better of what I thought I could do with them. I immediately fell in love!!!  His techniques and intelligent designs captivated me from the very first minute. I started searching all his work and from that moment he became my top favourite designer. And his works after that justify my admiration of him. If you read my Ark post i made last Christmas, there was a small introduction for him there as well. He was kind enough to invite me to his amazing studio and talk about this post. Photos are following!!!
Marios is an experimental multi-media maker with projects often use humour to deal with cultural observations and society. Usually, the main subjects that his work is about are politics and religion. He feels they are a few of the main subjects that affect people a lot in a good or a bad way, even if they are involved or not. Even though he studied graphic design, his passion for creation could not be satisfied only through visuals and graphics. Therefore, he chose the handmade crafts path. His work is not restricted on specific techniques or materials. When he wants to make something that he is not familiar with, he is doing his research and experimentation until he ends up to the final desirable result. He never connects with his materials but he connects with his concepts.
I distinguish his Aphrodites’ statues and coin jewelries. I am sure you will love and laugh with some of the statues. They are ones to got your attention. I’ve already own a few coin jewelries and I have set my eyes on a few more. The story behind the coins starts when Marios quit his job as a graphic designer and took over an antique shop. Everything started when he bought a big box of Cypriot coins from a stranger. He was not sure of what he was going to to with them but he knew he had to get them. A few weeks later a creative thought came to his head and then he started experimenting with them till he created these amazing jewelry pieces.


His creations do not stop here, you should take a look at his door/cupboard knobs and pulls, which are very popular in US and also his crochet designs, which were from his first creations, and many more projects you can find through his socials. You MUST FOLLOW this guy and you will not regret it!!! A new project with donkeys is coming up and some Christmas workshops, will follow during December, so stay tuned through his socials for more details. Instagram + Facebook


1. Big dream = Stay at now as long as possible

2. Sea or Mountain = Sea
3. Favourite material to work with = All
4. Read minds or Teleport = Read minds
5. Favourite Aphrodite sculpture = Sandwich
6. Peperoni or chickenDepends
7. Last photo on your phoneA cactus
8. Classical or rock music = Classical
9. Favourite spot in your citySeafront
10. Theater or Cinema = Cinema
11. People are ……funny
12. Truth or Dare = Truth
13. One thing you can’t live without =Change
14. Asia or Africa = Asia
15. Last creation you made =  An egg
A giveaway follows soon with Marios’ creations (Thank you Marios!!!). How to enter follow me on my socials and I will announce it soon!!!
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