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Weekend greetings! I’m sitting in my little studio listening to the rain on the street, it’s been storming for a few days and of course we need the water but I find the sound is so comforting too. Fall activities are filling our calendar, we had two homecoming dances this

The day after I get home from an international trip I always take the day off. I’ve found the best way to recover from jet lag is to not jump right back to work but instead take a full day off to rest, do my laundry from the trip, and

I’m leaving Italy tomorrow after a week of beautiful scenery and great weather and lucky me this was a great time to visit. There was some additional paperwork and tests needed to get here and fly home but it went smoothly since I budgeted extra time for that. I came

It’s been a few days I’ve been in Italy, visiting Venice, Florence, and Verona. In the past ten years I’ve visited a lot of European countries but I haven’t been back to Italy in almost two decades so I’m thrilled to return! If you follow my stories on Instagram, I’ve shared

Cabinets are home assets. They hold and keep the most important things for you, such as clothes, tools, utensils, display frames and figures, and even your important documents. Almost everything that you need to keep and care for is put in the cabinet. It is essential to invest in cabinets