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Well this week I had my fill of Thanksgiving flavors. We hosted a teen Friendsgiving on Tuesday, a classic Thanksgiving on Thursday, and attended a casual outdoor fried Turkey Thanksgiving yesterday where I discovered some new recipes I’ll be recreating soon. My belly was full many times and I felt

My girlfriends and I found affordable tickets to Italy and traveled there together in October. Our destinations were Venice, Florence, and Verona, we arrived by plane in Venice then did a loop around those cities by train. Verona is known for the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and it

In the past I’ve had mixed feelings about shadow boxes, they’re used to display memorabilia, sports jerseys or shell collections, that sort of thing. I’ve come around on this style of frame for wall displays now that I see them in a new light. If the subject matter of the

I’ve spent a lot of days enjoying my own backyard here in the Northern California Wine Country. It’s always been a top travel destination, sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live here. Continuing the Destination Design series today with a trip to my side of the world: Napa

The holidays are here! To add some some cheer to your desktop, laptop, cell phones and tablets, I had fun sketching four new holiday themed patterns. Download these screensavers (wallpapers) for free for your personal use! Winter Berries | Sketched dark and pale blue stems with bright red berries.