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I returned from a week long road trip to Oregon, I’ll write up my experience soon, it definitely had its ups and downs! I came home to discover more delays on our flip house project, mostly due to materials that haven’t arrived and subcontractors moving dates for their availability. We’re

We’ve had misty mornings with thick fog for over a week and there’s something so wonderful about wearing a winter coat and taking an early morning stroll in those conditions, like something out of a classic novel. 🙂 This week I’m opening up the Christmas closet and pulling out some

It hits me every year, the last week of October. I begin to feel the expectations building, the stress of content creation, the subtle nudge to please all the people around me, and the pressure to make it look effortless. So a few years ago I made a promise to myself

Happy Halloween weekend! My teenagers are off with their friends running around town to various hangouts. Gone are the days when I get them dressed up and we go trick or treating together but that’s okay. Now we sit home and wait for the little ones in our neighborhood to

The first impression for your guests is your front door. This puts your front door among the most important elements of your house. Installing a metal front door in your home is a decision you will not regret. Aside from the decorative beauty that comes with metal doors, they also