Bags like Sculptures

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Bags like Sculptures

Bags like Sculptures, I am sure you haven’t seen anything like this. Bags that look like they been sculpted to create these elegant art pieces.The brand is called Kofta and the designer is Kostiantyn Rybak, who studies in Central Saint Martins. All products are made by leather that are handmade and produced by the designer.

kofta“All of the bags and accessories in this collection were made by pressing fine leather onto special hand-made sculptural frames that are made in-house and one-by-one by a dedicated sculptor. ” said in his A’ Design Award interview.


koftaThe main idea behind his designs is that he wants to combine art with wearable fashion accessories, to remind people about the beauty of our world and the human creations. He takes forms and shapes from nature, architecture and generally the world  and tries to implemented into his bags. Every bag contains ipad-laptop pockets. The brand also contains shoes.

A must have piece for people that want to distinguish with their style. Click the link below to see and buy Kofta designs.

Bags like Sculptures