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4 in 1

It’s been some time since my last photoshoot. This time I came back with new stuff that i want to share with you. 4 in 1 = 4 brands in 1 outfit!!! Four new brands so fresh and fashionable that you must add to your looks. I love discovering new contemporary brands that have their own unique id to “share”.


If you have seen my previous outfit post, you must have seen these brands. But I love them so much that I wear them all the time. Firstly, I am talking about my favorite watch in the world!!! My Widdenburg watch is classy and minimal that suits every type of guy and girl. Its novelty design makes it stand out from other standard minimal watches that look alike. If you check my instagram account you will see the variety of combinations i did with this watch. I am getting good comments about it!!! You must check the Widdenburg site and discover all the unique designs. Get 10% off at check out using the code, “strictly-stylish”.


The second brand, I am sure you have seen it thousand times in my instagram feed and stories. It is one of my favourite local brands, with a dark aesthetic and fetish details.  I am talking of course about the ROTS brand. I could not resist of not owing a black sleek t-shirt with mesh details. I LOVE IT!!! ROTS is using the latest and high quality materials. Moreover, ROTS consists of leather chokers, long industrial belts and fanny bags. Check its facebook and instagram account and make your orders through its socials.


#Hashtag sunglasses is the third favorite brand. All the latest modern sunglasses designs all in one place and with the best prices. It was difficult for me to choose just a pair so after my first order, a second one followed with more than one pair. In this post, I am wearing the #Detachable pair with an elegant design and shiny lenses. As the name says the black lenses can be removed and you can wear them with the clear lenses which can compliment your dapper looks!! Of course I have a discount code for the Hashtag Sunglasses as well!!! At checkout, use the “NewShades4You” for 10% off. Also, check the clothing tab as well!!!


Last but not least is the amazing Evamona brand. A london based brand specialized in scarves. All designs are made by the designer, Evangelia Monastira, who are inspired by the travelling, nature and people that she meets. “EVAMONA scarves are designed in a London studio and produced in Italy to the highest standard. They are all digitally printed on high quality silk twill, packaged by hand, offering a luxury piece of exclusive British design.” The great thing about it is that she was born in Greece and raised in Cyprus, so the pride is double because it is a brand that can stand next to other foreign brands in the market. Well done!!! Here I am wearing the “Nonchalant goat” scarf which the illustrated animal was a friendly goat she met at her summer holidays in Greece. The print and the silk texture makes you wear it all the time. Check her website discover more designs.


Also the chunky ring I am wearing is from the Lovebullets, which is a brand that uses the bullets shapes as inspiration to create their magnificent products.


So, which brand you liked more? Did you like all of them? If you own any product of the brands or you bought after this post, please share it with me please!!!


Mountie Hat – ASOS (similar)

Sunglasses – #Hashtag 

T-Shirt – ROTS

Jeans – Bershka (similar)

Boots – River Island (similar)

Watch – Widdenburg

Scarf – Evamona

Ring – Lovebullets (similar)

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