2017 StrictlyStylish Review

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2017 StrictlyStylish Review

I know I am a bit late, you know what they say “better late that never” 🙂 so, I’ve decided to share my blog review for 2017 and my dreams / aspirations for 2018. However, I need to start from the very first start of how this blog was created.

I have always remembered myself searching and sharing interesting fashion and design posts on my Facebook account, so my friends suggested to create a blog and share interesting posts similar to my Facebook. It took me some time to accept the idea but when I did I was determined. My mission is to create my own “database” with all the bits and bobs I adore while searching and retrieving them instantly. My initial plan was to discover foreign unique, not-so-popular, brands and share their stories/products on my blog.

A few months later I realized that my blog needed to become more user friendly and approachable to my targeted audience. Knowing nothing about web developing I asked a very good friend of mine to help me build my blog from scratch. I asked my studies roommate, Panayiotis, who worked with a bunch of bloggers, to help me out with building my web and my presence on the internet. I strongly recommend to daily follow Panayiotis blog for the latest tips and tricks on website optimisation. From the very first meeting I realised that I knew nothing about blogging and what it needed technically to achieve my mission. He basically opened my eyes!!! He is now my right hand at blogging, he advises me for my next move and also he pushes me to do things I never thought of. 

Another major problem I had at the time was the “unstable” photo shooting schedule. It was so difficult to find a day to match with my (at that time) photographer. Therefore, weeks were passing by without making a photoshoot and that was really exhausting and I was losing my excitement and motivation about it. Until the day that my lovely friend Tatiana decided to become my photographer. I was so happy since I trust her creativity in photography and the chemistry between us is awesome. It was the perfect match since we both have the same creative ideas, the same photographic eye and the most significant, we are passionate about it. I feel so lucky that is part of my team.


With this team I feel free and comfortable to make my dreams come true!!! Therefore, on the 13th of March of 2017, I have officially launched my brand new blog, the same day I was getting 30 years old. It felt like the official start as a blogger, therefore, I am taking this date as the born of my blog.

Nine months have already passed and below I share the top 10 posts of 2017:


This post was about the fresh start of a new artistic era. Kimera is the team of 4 Cypriot girls that consists of 3 fashion designers and a visual artist. They create contemporary fashion and art exhibitions with Cypriot designers. Click above to learn more about it. Their second exhibition will follow in a few months so stay tuned!!!



This was the second most popular post and my favorite too!! At this post I wanted to do something different and more contemporary. It was my first experience wearing a jumpsuit and the result was amazing. Here I need to thank my previous photographer Natasa for the great work she did. You can see all photos above.



For this post , I wanted to take it a step further and try a womenswear trend, the belt bags. This decision was taken after I have seen the belt bags from my friend Simoni. This was the first time collaborating with a Cypriot designer. Moreover, I asked my friend Demetra, who was nominated as the Star Cyprus of 2009, to accompany me to this photoshoot and also it was the first photoshooting I did with my photographer and dear friend Tatiana.



I received so much response from number 1 and 3, of the top 10, so  I created a new category called “Lifestyle” where I am presenting local designers and amazing spots in Cyprus to visit. I would not imagine that the first post of the new category will be in my top 10. Here I am presenting you my friend Simoni as a blogger and as a textile designer.



I love sharing with you interesting menswear brands and seems you like it too!!! At the 5th position are the gin & tonic swim shorts by Nikben x Caliroots. The most stylish swimwear I ever seen!!! Check the post to see if they are still in stock.



This was the most interesting trip I ever did!!! Travelling to India for a wedding. I loved every moment of it and I want to visit India again !!! The 3 day-wedding was amazing, I appreciated Indian food, culture, music and people even more. Thanks for embracing this post!!! Hopefully another wedding invitation will come soon!!



I love searching for new and stylish products for you guys. That is why I create the “shopping list” posts, suggesting products with links, for you to be able to buy. Hoped you spend your summer in the most gorgeous summer shoes!!!



This is another proof that you like posts about Cyprus. This was the post that made me realized that I need to devote more posts about Cyprus. The beaches here are the best in Europe so if you are searching for summer vacations you should definitely need to check this post.


9. ARK

ARK is an established Christmas crafts bazaar happening in Limassol. More than 35 unique Cypriot designers are under the same roof and share their creations with you. This year the setting was incredible, so when i visited I decided to make a post about it and it went well. Another post from my new column “Lifestyle” makes it to the top ten. Thank you!!!



My first Black Friday post it was a blast, I have shared with you the discount codes I have received from the brands I am collaborating with. From sophisticated watches, to contemporary sunglasses, this post will get you covered. It seems you liked it and made it my 10th posts. Check the post to see which discounts are still eligible to use.


Therefore, I would like to thank my team for being next to me and helped me reached my goals. Nevertheless, my biggest love and appreciation goes to all my followers that embraced the blog and made me believe in it!!! The blog has reached the 7000+ views approximately in the last 9 months. Which is Amazing news!!  Moreover, my social media reached the 1k followers!!! Thanks a lot guys!!! Moreover, I have become an ambassador for Saint London XVI watches, Levur Sunglasses and Fabulous Jewelers. I had my first interview as a blogger in one of the most popular magazines in Cyprus, Madame Figaro. I am so honored to reach till this point in such a little time.

My future plans for 2018 ..

– to collaborate with even more local designers and unique foreign brands. 

– started to enjoy even more photshoots and you should expect more stylish and interesting photoshoots. 

– travel, travel, travel .. new year new destinations new travel posts locally and maybe abroad 😉

– expand to other platforms

– expand the numbers of my social accounts up to 25% more

– more competitions, giveaways and product promotions

Thanks for your support from the very first moment and more exciting things will follow soon!!


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